Jun. 20th, 2013

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Went into Lush Cosmetics this lunchtime to buy something for my friend Sylvia, just because. Girl in there very nice, a bit pushy, but nonetheless they're all very well trained, which is good to know. They actually come across as interested in what you're doing. Anyway, Sylvia is one of these types who uses bath bombs as room fresheners, so I bought her four (one of which is blackberry, and absolutely edible; smells like blackcurrant jelly). They then wrapped them up really nicely in a scarf, so I plan to get a bit of bamboo or something and stick it through the scarf to pretend that I'm making like Dick Whittington and leaving home. So anyway brought the whole shebang back to work and it's been sitting by my chair for about 2 hours now.

And I have the headache from hell. GAWD, those things are strong. They can sit just inside the flat door (which fortunately is downstairs from the actual flat) until Sunday morning when I go and see her, otherwise I may possibly throw myself out of the window just to get away.

Nice shop. Expensive, but nice. And use very, very sparingly.


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