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Went into Lush Cosmetics this lunchtime to buy something for my friend Sylvia, just because. Girl in there very nice, a bit pushy, but nonetheless they're all very well trained, which is good to know. They actually come across as interested in what you're doing. Anyway, Sylvia is one of these types who uses bath bombs as room fresheners, so I bought her four (one of which is blackberry, and absolutely edible; smells like blackcurrant jelly). They then wrapped them up really nicely in a scarf, so I plan to get a bit of bamboo or something and stick it through the scarf to pretend that I'm making like Dick Whittington and leaving home. So anyway brought the whole shebang back to work and it's been sitting by my chair for about 2 hours now.

And I have the headache from hell. GAWD, those things are strong. They can sit just inside the flat door (which fortunately is downstairs from the actual flat) until Sunday morning when I go and see her, otherwise I may possibly throw myself out of the window just to get away.

Nice shop. Expensive, but nice. And use very, very sparingly.
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Well, I went to see my mum on Saturday, and all I can say to you is what I said to her: I've got my mum back. She's no longer a little old lady, having dropped at least 20 years; she's standing tall again and not doing that hunched over thing; she's got all her colour and joy back. I don't want to cry when I hug her because she's so brittle under my hands - now I have to almost reach up to hug her because she's about an inch taller than I am for the first time in about 6 years. And all that's in a week. She's going to be doing the Marathan before we know it!

Am happy, very, very happy. And also tired and deflated, but I think that's almost the anti-climax now; I've spent so long being stressed about this and fighting it, that now it seems to be over, I'm left exhausted.

She went to see him on Friday and he's perfectly happy. A lovely lady called Gail took her and he recognised her as she peered through the window at him and happily spent a few minutes pulling faces at her, and as they left, he stood by his window waving both arms, big grin on his face. So he's obviously much happier as well.

Going well...
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Okay, I think I can start to be reasonably confident...

For the past six weeks, my sister and I have been hammering and hammering the social worker regarding my mum's state of health and getting IS into permanent care. Before, we had no rights because he wasn't our blood relative and of course Beverley was the stumbling block because she kept saying that she didn't want him in a home. Well now my mother's health has started to go downhill very badly indeed and so that means that finally we had a say, so when my sister and I gang up, you know you've been ganged up on, and that's what we did to the social worker. 33 e-mails I've sent her this month just pestering her and pestering her.

So after much palaver, today she went to see my mum (and so I spoke to her lovely neighbour and got him to go in with her so that there was another set of - younger - ears) and the social worker confirmed that he won't be coming back. He's been in emergency respite for 3 weeks because of her health. They're going to put him in Lister House, which is a really nice home run by the British Legion - you can only be a patient there if you have a military background, which he does - and it's only about 2 miles away from mum. The SW confirmed that mum can start stripping his room. So it seems to be official, that finally FINALLY we've done it.

The SW is going to ring Beverley and tell her so that she doesn't upset mum, and although obviously that means that Beverley will ring tonight, I think mum's up for it now, because it's done. Nothing Beverley can say will undo it. The mills of god (and the social services) grind exceeding slow, as they say, but they're a bugger to stop. And anyway, this isn't being done for him, if you see what I mean, but for my mum.

She shouldn't have to pay anything because she's on the top of the heap for benefits and they only look at his income rather than the joint one, and all that he gets is his Army pension and his State pension. So they'll take that to go towards it, but there shouldn't be anything else. Obviously she'll lose a lot of benefit, but she'll be fine - she can live with just the ordinary pension, because she has savings and so on. She'll be fine. And frankly, I don't think she cares. I've never heard her sound so excited as she did this morning when I was speaking to her.

Do you know, I think me and my sister have done a good thing.

And thank you for all the positive vibes.

Will report back.

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Still not willing to go into too much detail, but it's starting to look a little bit more promising regarding the thing for which I'm asking you to think positive (clumsy sentence, apologies - hopefully you get the gist). A little bit longer yet. There have been a lot of e-mails amongst my sister, myself and a lady called Julie, and I can't begin to tell you how disturbing it is to see a 'sent' e-mail that says, 'me, Julie, Sandra'. Just catching sight of it makes me think of my sister, and if she e-mailed me that really would be worrying.

The health news for me is good though - cells were pre-cancerous, but they've got them all and they're happy. I need one more minor op - a day surgery, just to drain some gunk away, but other than that we're fit to go. In other (non-related) news I now have reading glasses. Reading glasses and 'normal' glasses. Hello, old age...

Hopefully back reasonably soon with some very good news.
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Well I've just won an i-pod nano. I bet once I work out what one of those is and whether I can listen to my audio books on it (don't do music, it bores me), I bet I'll be really pleased.


Apr. 23rd, 2013 08:44 am
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Just discovered the strangest thing.

Many years ago (and I do mean many) my eldest brother just - stopped having anything to do with us. We never fell out or anything like that, he just stopped being contactable, and over the years he's more or less been forgotten about. But I say again, we have never fallen out. He's done the same with his own family - to the extent that when his son had a stroke and my brother went to visit him, his own daughter had to ask who he was. So it's not just us - he really is clearly like that.

When Julie died, I half thought that might at least bring him out of the woodwork, if only to contact mum long enough to say how sorry he was that his sister/her daughter had died. I now find out that what he actually said when he heard was, "Good, that's one less of them".

So perhaps he's not worth knowing. But how sad and angry some people are, for no reason at all.
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My colleague Julia has just bought me these beautiful alstromeria.

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BTW, I should point out that I am Mole. One of my oldest friends once referred to me as 'Moley' and with that family it has stuck. They also call me 'Molester' which is unfortunate because of the spelling, but it's not pronounced like that! Mole-ster. Different meaning entirely.
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Sorry, am a posting whore today. Remember I said it was Jolablot - the spring festival celebrated in good old Viking Jorvik? Well it finished on Saturday - these Vikings knew how to celebrate good and hard - with a spectacular fireworks display at Clifford's Tower.

There's a chance I have Viking blood, I suppose, but I think actually I'm for more Angle - short, dark and stout. My brother - tall, blond and godlike - got the Viking blood. I got the fat northerner blood. Sounds about right.

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Honestly I'm a bad, ungrateful wench, I know. By the same token, you all know how useless I am at things like this, and so I rely on you all to help me... Does anybody know how I can track down/download a couple of episodes of a TV programme called 'Fat Friends' which was on about 5 years ago? I don't even know how to go about looking for them, so if anybody could point me in the right direction I'd be really grateful. The specific episodes I'm looking for are eps 1 and 2 of series three, called 'Eat Your Heart Out' and 'Leggs Over Easy'.

If anybody can cyberpoint I really would appreciate it.


ps. Mum, bless her heart, has decided that in this, her 84th year, she wants to go to Canada. She has always wanted to go and she can afford it now, and as she said, if she doesn't do it this year she may never do it. So it looks as if we're coming to Canada this September... we're using a holiday firm that deals solely with old people (oh all right, it's Saga). But the fact that on long-haul flights they actually come to your door and DRIVE you to the airport and then home again, no matter how far, works for me. So that's a journey to London with an old lady and lots of luggage that I don't have to worry about. So anyway, all things being equal, Canada here I come!! Being your mother's Responsible Adult doesn't half have some perks you know. And you know that no matter how mercenary that makes me sound, it's not true since I adore the woman, and would even if she hadn't two farthings.
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Read a really interesting article today about our imaginary literary friends when we were children. Who they were and do we still have them? The kind of characters we talked to when ‘real’ friends deserted us (or like me, were in short supply). So tell me, then – who were yours? And do you still have them? We’re talking fiction here, so I can’t count, for example, Richard III. Mine, in no particular order, were/are:

Ged the Archmage – dark and menacing and just a little bit frightening. Definitely a bit of rough worth chasing.
Winnie the Pooh – he ate a lot, slept a lot and loved you unconditionally. What more does any lonely kid want?
Darrell Rivers from Mallory Towers – oh, how I wanted to go to that school and play lacrosse and be chums with all the gels.
The Famous Five – I wanted to be George, obviously, although I’m not fond of dogs. I wanted adventures on Kirrin Island. I wanted lashings of ginger beer and milk fresh from the cow (although really I can’t imagine anything more vile)
Kipper the Dog – I just love him, ‘nuff said.
Charlie Brown – I could relate to the lonely kid with the big head and not many friends.
Sam Vimes – a later hero, but a True Hero in every sense of the word. The Everyman who doesn’t like bad things and people.

Francis Crawford of Lymond – yes, he really needs a good slap to the side of the head, but oh, what a hero he was.

They’re the ones I can think of offhand – I’m sure there are loads more. I’m not talking books you loved, that’s a different thing. I mean who were your friends? With the exception of the Famous Five, they’re still with me.
Some are from early childhood (Winnie the Pooh, the Famous Five) and others were from teenage angst years (Ged) and others still from slightly older, yet still angst-ridden years (Lymond). Much as I love the Narnia books, they will never figure because they were all so very, very far up themselves.

So please, come on and tell me. I'm really interested to know your answers.

Just remembered that I always had a vague yearning to be one of the Dragonriders of Pern. Nobody in particular - I just wanted to ride a dragon and Be Heroic generally.


Feb. 11th, 2013 10:03 am
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Sheer boringness. My life is one long lack of excitement...

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I've been amusing myself (if that's the word) by reading some of my old fic over the past couple of days, simply because I've dug out the memory stick because I'll be needing it again soon. Do you know, I actually think some of it's all right - I really do like the tone of some of it, and I like the fact that although I use the same characters, a lot of the stories do have a slightly different 'sound' to them. And there's one that I know I've lost forever, so of course I've decided that one is my masterpiece, the one fated to have made me my fortune.

'twas ever thus.

The powers that be at work have decided to finally do one to one interviews with us all and to be suitably full and frank and point out what they see to be our strengths and weaknesses. Can't wait for Nick to tell me what my weaknesses are so that I can reach across the desk and poke his eye out.
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It's starting to affect me...

Last night I had a dream about Connor from Primeval, David Tennant, me, a car chase and a T-Rex. None of this involved shenanigans(sp?) I hasten to add.

We've had a lot of snow just recently - although here in York we've been really, really lucky and not had any yet, just lots of ice. Today it's -6 but the sun is shining and the paths are clear (so no falling over!) but the trees by the river are covered in rime and honestly it looks like a wonderland. If it could stay like this I'd be happy but there's no way we're going to avoid this, since the snow is within about 3 miles. But it's been there for a week and still no sign. It won't last - this is the calm before the proverbial.

Connor from Primeval, David Tennant, me, a car chase and a T-Rex. They just don't make 'em like that.
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One of the best quotes I have ever read in ANY book. It actually had me snorting, and that's not a thing that happens every day...

When everyone was assembled and more or less quiet, Slider began with the summary.

"In the case of Edward Philip Stonax, BSc, PhD, DBA - "

McLaren looked up from his fried egg sandwich. "It's not spelt like it sounds, then?"

From Game Over by the marvellously named Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
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