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On a far more positive note I'm reading a book that I am enjoying so much that I'm having to limit myself to a chapter or two a day otherwise I wouldn't surface until it was done. That in itself isn't unheard of, of course, but it's the subject matter which is a surprise.

I have no time for the Victorian royal family. Okay, so my real interest ends with Bosworth, but the Victorians - well frankly I've always thought Queen Vic herself was a bit on the bonkers side, so I only bought this because it was about 38p on my Kindle.


Queen Victoria's Granddaughters it's called and it covers what it says on the label (although grandsons come into it as well). We all know that she peopled the Royal Families of Europe because of clever marriages (and we all know how they interbred as well). Apparently Dr Jenner himself said that marrying first cousins to each other would breed stronger children - there was a lot they didn't understand at that point, and of course nobody knew about the haemophilia.

Anyway, this is really, really interesting. I've almost finished it (boo), because I suspect it may finish with the Romanovs in that cellar. I've got nothing else to say, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it, and what a great feeling it is to be so hooked on something. And the joy of the Kindle is that when I'm wrapped up in bed on a night all that needs to be protruding is my thumb so that I can tap the screen. Technology's all right sometimes!
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