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Well it looks as if things are going to change this year as far as mum is concerned.

I was speaking to her this lunchtime and when I said that I really wanted a change in 2014 simply because I was fed up to the back teeth with this job, she kind of leapt at what I'd said and told me that she was starting to need somebody closer to hand - not living there, but closer to hand. It's a case of she's feeling her age now - well she is 85 - and she knows that she's not as sharp as she was. Her mind isn't going, but of course things take a little bit longer to percolate through now. So we're going to see an advisor at the benefits office in a week or so to make sure that she doesn't lose anything, and also if I'm entitled to anything, since if I do go over there (dear god, another move!) I'm going to have to be able to pay the rent - I don't think she wants me there 24/7 yet, so I think I'm still expected to both live and look after her. Happy enough to have a job in the local supermarket or something - and Ripon does have a new Aldi opening soon - but it has to pay enough for me to exist. We shall see.

But it does look as if 2014 is the year of change.
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