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A little tale for my dear friend D, so that she will perhaps see where I get it from – this urge I have to constantly test just how darn good gravity really is…

I got a call from my mother on Monday to say not to worry but she’d had a fall and because she’d hit her head the hospital said that somebody needed to be with her for at least 2 nights. So obviously I dropped everything and went over there, expecting something horrendous, and in fact I can’t begin to tell you how lucky she’s been and how lightly she got off, bearing in mind her age and all that she has wrong with her – she’s on a blood-thinning drug which could have led to brain bleeds, she’s borderline for osteoporosis and so could have broken everything and of course she’s 85 in a week’s time! In fact, she’s got a few bumps and bruises and a splint on one wrist where I dragged her off to the hospital because I thought she’d broken her wrist, but in fact has just banged it.

But that’s not the point. The reason for the story, and to show where I get it from is this: she didn’t have an old lady fall. As she marched along towards a specific shop she noticed two policemen talking to a couple of lads and being her she wanted to know what it was all about and so she was nosing at them, with the result that she didn’t look where she was going and fell over the kerb. To make things even more amusing, not only did the policemen come rushing over, but so did the lads they were talking to! (I hasten to add they were only community officers, not ‘proper’ policemen – to see two together is almost unheard of).

So, my dear girl, THAT’S where I get it from…

BTW, mum's not bad - more bruises are coming out and she's got quite a nasty gash on her nose from where her glasses cut her, but honestly, it could have been so much worse, that these things don't seem problematic. I stayed Monday & Tuesday and Sandra is going down tomorrow until Sunday, by which time mum will be screaming for us to leave her alone.


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