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So Sandra came for the weekend, it being that time of year again - can you believe that it's SEVEN years since Julie died? Really, where does the time go? Anyway, now that IS is in the home, it's more or less accepted that mum isn't going to make that long journey anymore, and Sandra will come up to her - after all, although Sandra is a woman in her 60s, my mum will be 85 in November, so it's fair enough. And now that there's a spare bed at mum's we don't have to think about getting her out of that toxic atmosphere... But I digress.

Mum had decided that she wanted to see the three museums that Ripon possesses - the Police Museum, the Court Museum and this place - http://riponmuseums.co.uk/museums/workhouse_museum_gardens, the workhouse museum (apologies, can't do neat links). So off we went (they're only open for 3 hours a day) and after much calculation about the cheapest way to see them all, we decided that in fact it was to buy an annual ticket which meant we could get into any of them free for a year.

Well, it's just as well we did that. What an incredible place! It's like a Tardis - so much bigger on the inside. And so damn interesting, especially as with someone of mum's vintage we've got somebody who just remembers the end of the workhouse system - as she said, she's finally turned into living history. But honestly, it's fab. I hope the other two are as good. We're going to go to the next one when Sandra's down again, assuming they're still open (they're seasonal) but if not, then we'll go in the spring. I know it's beyond unlikely any of you will ever be in the area, but if you're caught up in some bizarre warp and end up in Ripon, go there.

But 7 years. It's absurd.

ION, to make up for my dream re Grant, Englebert and Bimsley, I had a horrible dream about everybody I have ever known betraying me and belittling me at every turn. So that was lovely.
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