Jan. 30th, 2014

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Okay, things are sort of moving, if not exactly apace since my reluctance remains fairly high.

Anyroadup, have sorted out that I can commute at least for a while, via bus. There was a bit of a problem initially because the first bus from Ripon doesn't get to York until 9.30 - obviously a bit late for work. But I've spoken to the big boss and he's fine with me starting then and just working through my lunch, so that's okay. The last bus back to Ripon goes at 5.40 - 10 minutes after we finish for the day - so a certain amount of belting about will occur, at least Monday - Thursday. As I am also the current office cleaner (a bit of extra pocket money to help pay for the bus) I'll stay back and do that on Friday night, so the belting about won't be quite so extreme.

Have spoken to Richard who works here and he's willing to help me move the stuff for beer money. Have also spoken to Smelly Jeremy who also works here and he'll help as well, plus his mate Hippy Steve has a van so hopefully that'll work. I only have to pay them all beer money plus Hippy Steve's petrol, so jolly good there. Have spoken to my friend Sylvia who has in turn spoken to her friend Alan who has agreed to take a lot of stuff to the tip for me, so all the ducks are slowly lining up.

The idea is that I'll start looking for somewhere beginning of March with a view to actually moving in at the start of April. As ever, it'll be an overlap which means that I'll end up paying a month's extra rent, but there's nothing I can do about that. I'd rather do that anyway and have the comfort of a cushion, as it were.

I've told mum that I'm going to be very picky about what I end up with, and I refuse to be rushed into it. If I get this wrong and I end up with awful neighbours then we all know how that can send me squiffy, and she totally appreciates that. In an ideal world I'd like a little 1 bed cottage or a house, and for what I pay in York I can just about afford one in Ripon. It's just a question of waiting for the right thing to come up.

I've also been to the benefits office in Harrogate and spoken to a very nice chap and checked what's going to happen if, when I move to Ripon, I end up getting a part time job so that I can spend more time with mum, so I know where I am with that as well. After all, if the point of this is that she wants me more on hand, then me working full time in York doesn't really provide that, does it? On the other hand I'm not rushing into that either. We've just been given our first pay rise in 5 years, plus a bit of an end of year bonus, and as I say, I do the cleaning once a week here, all of which add up. Plus, without being TOO big headed, I'm bloody good at this job and I'm valued, which is a nice thing. So that's another thing that needs to be thought out. This is possibly the biggest move I've ever actually made, as this time I'm having to be aware that mum wants it and want me closer, but at the same time I need to be selfish and aware of what my head can do to me at a moment's notice.

But I'm still filled with reluctance to do it, that's the main problem. I love Ripon huge amounts, don't get me wrong, but I also love my flat, and for the first time in just about ever I'm actually settled and happy, so it's a big wrench. I suspect part of it is that's it's not my decision this time - I've been summoned and whether I want to or not, I have to go.

The angst, my dears, the ANGST!!!
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On a far more positive note I'm reading a book that I am enjoying so much that I'm having to limit myself to a chapter or two a day otherwise I wouldn't surface until it was done. That in itself isn't unheard of, of course, but it's the subject matter which is a surprise.

I have no time for the Victorian royal family. Okay, so my real interest ends with Bosworth, but the Victorians - well frankly I've always thought Queen Vic herself was a bit on the bonkers side, so I only bought this because it was about 38p on my Kindle.


Queen Victoria's Granddaughters it's called and it covers what it says on the label (although grandsons come into it as well). We all know that she peopled the Royal Families of Europe because of clever marriages (and we all know how they interbred as well). Apparently Dr Jenner himself said that marrying first cousins to each other would breed stronger children - there was a lot they didn't understand at that point, and of course nobody knew about the haemophilia.

Anyway, this is really, really interesting. I've almost finished it (boo), because I suspect it may finish with the Romanovs in that cellar. I've got nothing else to say, I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it, and what a great feeling it is to be so hooked on something. And the joy of the Kindle is that when I'm wrapped up in bed on a night all that needs to be protruding is my thumb so that I can tap the screen. Technology's all right sometimes!


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