Sep. 3rd, 2013

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Well, I took all your advice (and thank you all so very, very much) and told her this morning that I just couldn't face going, but she was still to go and enjoy herself. She wasn't happy, but it was more worry than annoyance, and she's said that she will go, so that's made me feel better. She's been in this situation herself, she knows how it feels, and I've assured her that I won't be just sitting about rotting - I've got things to do, which helped her feel better, and I'm going to make myself go for my long walk every day, which I've been neglecting recently because I have no energy.

I'm seeing her at the weekend as usual, and Sandra will be there as well. We may make this Julie's weekend, since the actual day is a bit difficult this year. She was coming with some of her brood to do some work, but again family problems have got in the way.

Anyway, it's done, and she's told and hopefully things will be okay now. I'm feeling better for having done it, no doubt about it.

So thank you again for your very, very sensible advice.


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