May. 29th, 2013

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Still not willing to go into too much detail, but it's starting to look a little bit more promising regarding the thing for which I'm asking you to think positive (clumsy sentence, apologies - hopefully you get the gist). A little bit longer yet. There have been a lot of e-mails amongst my sister, myself and a lady called Julie, and I can't begin to tell you how disturbing it is to see a 'sent' e-mail that says, 'me, Julie, Sandra'. Just catching sight of it makes me think of my sister, and if she e-mailed me that really would be worrying.

The health news for me is good though - cells were pre-cancerous, but they've got them all and they're happy. I need one more minor op - a day surgery, just to drain some gunk away, but other than that we're fit to go. In other (non-related) news I now have reading glasses. Reading glasses and 'normal' glasses. Hello, old age...

Hopefully back reasonably soon with some very good news.
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Okay, I think I can start to be reasonably confident...

For the past six weeks, my sister and I have been hammering and hammering the social worker regarding my mum's state of health and getting IS into permanent care. Before, we had no rights because he wasn't our blood relative and of course Beverley was the stumbling block because she kept saying that she didn't want him in a home. Well now my mother's health has started to go downhill very badly indeed and so that means that finally we had a say, so when my sister and I gang up, you know you've been ganged up on, and that's what we did to the social worker. 33 e-mails I've sent her this month just pestering her and pestering her.

So after much palaver, today she went to see my mum (and so I spoke to her lovely neighbour and got him to go in with her so that there was another set of - younger - ears) and the social worker confirmed that he won't be coming back. He's been in emergency respite for 3 weeks because of her health. They're going to put him in Lister House, which is a really nice home run by the British Legion - you can only be a patient there if you have a military background, which he does - and it's only about 2 miles away from mum. The SW confirmed that mum can start stripping his room. So it seems to be official, that finally FINALLY we've done it.

The SW is going to ring Beverley and tell her so that she doesn't upset mum, and although obviously that means that Beverley will ring tonight, I think mum's up for it now, because it's done. Nothing Beverley can say will undo it. The mills of god (and the social services) grind exceeding slow, as they say, but they're a bugger to stop. And anyway, this isn't being done for him, if you see what I mean, but for my mum.

She shouldn't have to pay anything because she's on the top of the heap for benefits and they only look at his income rather than the joint one, and all that he gets is his Army pension and his State pension. So they'll take that to go towards it, but there shouldn't be anything else. Obviously she'll lose a lot of benefit, but she'll be fine - she can live with just the ordinary pension, because she has savings and so on. She'll be fine. And frankly, I don't think she cares. I've never heard her sound so excited as she did this morning when I was speaking to her.

Do you know, I think me and my sister have done a good thing.

And thank you for all the positive vibes.

Will report back.



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