Feb. 12th, 2013

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Read a really interesting article today about our imaginary literary friends when we were children. Who they were and do we still have them? The kind of characters we talked to when ‘real’ friends deserted us (or like me, were in short supply). So tell me, then – who were yours? And do you still have them? We’re talking fiction here, so I can’t count, for example, Richard III. Mine, in no particular order, were/are:

Ged the Archmage – dark and menacing and just a little bit frightening. Definitely a bit of rough worth chasing.
Winnie the Pooh – he ate a lot, slept a lot and loved you unconditionally. What more does any lonely kid want?
Darrell Rivers from Mallory Towers – oh, how I wanted to go to that school and play lacrosse and be chums with all the gels.
The Famous Five – I wanted to be George, obviously, although I’m not fond of dogs. I wanted adventures on Kirrin Island. I wanted lashings of ginger beer and milk fresh from the cow (although really I can’t imagine anything more vile)
Kipper the Dog – I just love him, ‘nuff said.
Charlie Brown – I could relate to the lonely kid with the big head and not many friends.
Sam Vimes – a later hero, but a True Hero in every sense of the word. The Everyman who doesn’t like bad things and people.

Francis Crawford of Lymond – yes, he really needs a good slap to the side of the head, but oh, what a hero he was.

They’re the ones I can think of offhand – I’m sure there are loads more. I’m not talking books you loved, that’s a different thing. I mean who were your friends? With the exception of the Famous Five, they’re still with me.
Some are from early childhood (Winnie the Pooh, the Famous Five) and others were from teenage angst years (Ged) and others still from slightly older, yet still angst-ridden years (Lymond). Much as I love the Narnia books, they will never figure because they were all so very, very far up themselves.

So please, come on and tell me. I'm really interested to know your answers.

Just remembered that I always had a vague yearning to be one of the Dragonriders of Pern. Nobody in particular - I just wanted to ride a dragon and Be Heroic generally.


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